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Client:Matrix Environmental

  • Matrix Environmental
    10 Ilsley Avenue, Suite 3
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    B3B 1L3
    Phone (902) 468-2771
    Fax (902) 468-2003


Services Provided:

  • Custom application development
  • Website redesign


Matrix Environmental is an environmental consulting firm based in Dartmouth, NS Canada.  They specialize in providing a variety of waste handling/treatment services including the following:

  • Environmental Mgmt
  • Hazardous Waste Mgmt
  • HHW Training
  • PCB Mgmt
  • Site Remediation
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Wastewater Treatment

As part of their consulting work the tracking of project data for the client is a major task.  To provide a solution above and beyond the typical spreadsheet or basic database that many of their competitors provide, Matrix required a more robust and user friendly system.
Two main areas where this need existed were for projects involving the the tracking of waste and its subsequent disposal, and the tracking of chemical inventories for client facilities.


As part of waste disposal study for a large mining company in Labrador, Matrix required the ability to track the waste flowing out of the mine for disposal as well as tracking how the waste was disposed.  A further project involved the tracking of chemical inventories within the mining facility, to provide a means for tracking volumes on hand and for emergency response planning.

To meet these needs 2 custom applications were developed in conjunction with the Matrix Project Manager.

Waste Tracker is a comprehensive program allowing users to effortlessly track waste inventories using a simple to use interface. By tracking the lifecycle of waste and categorizing the material make up a company can utilize Waste Tracker to help develop more efficient and environmentally friendly waste management processes.

Chem Tracker is a simple to use application that allows the user to easily track chemical inventories throughout their facilities. By tracking the chemical inventory levels along with storage area and safety equipment information, not only can the system deliver detailed reporting on chemicals, such as MSDS sheet availability, but this same information can be used as the basis for an emergency response plan.

Both systems feature standard features such as:

  • Easy to use GUI data entry screens
  • Fully customizable lists for key data
  • View and print a variety of built-in reports
  • Password protected login and secured database
  • Packaged CD based installation.

To provide this ability a Visual Basic 6.0/MS Access system was developed.  The main goals of the system were to provide an easy to use application, that would quickly allow the on site user to enter the receipts and shipments of waste.  The ability for the client to directly access the data for integration and custom reporting was also an important factor, and thus the decision to go with a standard database in MS Access 97.  By using RAD tools like Visual Basic, the system was able to be created in a short time frame and easily modified and enhanced and requirements changes dictated.

Both systems were developed through close interaction with the client.  Initial project design documents were created, modified and approved to nail down the overall system requirements.  Beta testing further solidified functionality when placed into a production environment.  Enhancements to the original design were implemented over time as new requirements were determined.

Both Waste Tracker and Chem Tracker were also repurposed into more generic versions for use with other clients as well as being marketed as a general tool for resale.


  • Crystal Reports 8.5
  • MS Access 97
  • MS Visual Basic 6.0
  • Paintshop Pro 7.0 
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